Mexican Ambassador To The United States Encourages Mexicans To Apply For American Citizenship Before Trump Takes Office

Published On 12/21/2016 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

For years Mexico has been using the United States as a dumping ground to deposit the worst of their people. They’ve also abused the United States on trade via NAFTA. Since Donald Trump is going to put an end to these ridiculous policies, look at what the Mexican ambassador to the United States is saying to Mexicans living in the country.

From The Hill:

The Mexican ambassador to the United States is urging more Mexican citizens living abroad to apply for U.S. citizenship, ahead of President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

Ambassador Carlos Sada Solana told Mexican state news agency Notimex Tuesday that applying for citizenship could be an important defense against deportation and other actions if Trump changes U.S. immigration policies.

“It’s one of the very important protection actions to become citizens, because then they’re no longer subject to deportation processes and on the other hand, they don’t lose Mexican citizenship,” he told Notimex.

Trump needs to put an end to this madness. He should also look into ending dual citizenship. The Mexican ambassador is trying to exploit our systems to the advantage of his people. They all need to be deported. To hell with their feelings.

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