More Evidence The Department Of Homeland Security Tampered With The Election Than The Russians

Published On 12/14/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

Unbelievable stuff here. Georgia’s Secretary of State is asking Donald Trump to investigate why the Department of Homeland Security attacked their computer system. I can’t blame him based on the response he got from the monkey regime.

From Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp on Wednesday asked President-elect Donald Trump to investigate the Department of Homeland Security’s apparent attempt to hack his office’s computer system.

In a letter to Trump, Kemp asked that the president-elect to act once he is sworn in to office in January.

Kemp said he is not satisfied with the response from current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

“Since contacting DHS with these concerns, we have collaborated with the agency and provided extensive, additional information,” Kemp wrote. “Last night I received a letter from Secretary Johnson which lacked any specific information as to the attacks’ intent or origin despite the fact that many questions remain unanswered.”

Kemp’s office detected what he called a “large attack on our system” in November. His staff was able to trace the alleged attacker back to the Department of Homeland Security.

And get a load of the DHS’s excuse.

DHS has said previously that it believes an employee was legitimately using databases on the Secretary of State’s website and that the employee’s computer was configured incorrectly. That configuration mistakenly made it look like the employee was trying to hack into Kemp’s systems. 

In a letter to Kemp on Tuesday, Johnson blamed a Microsoft product for the error, but Kemp is not convinced. 

“The scenario DHS has proposed has still not been verified by Microsoft,” Kemp wrote Johnson late Tuesday. “There are still many questions regarding the origin and intent of this attack that remain unanswered.”

A computer configuration error? lol

Yes a single computer was incorrectly configured causing it to mysteriously attack the Georgia Secretary of State office of all places. Right before the election no less. Total bull shit.

What’s significant about this is that we have a specific and credible allegation backed by logging data which shows an attack by the DHS on Georgia’s Secretary of State office. This is much more of a scandal than any of these bull shit claims about Russia. With this, there’s at least some material and information that can be reviewed. Contrast that with Russia where we have no tangible evidence about anything.

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  1. Unlike the Bathhouse Barry regime the Trumpenreich will hold all government bureaucrats accountable for their actions. It is a privlege, not a right, to work for the taxpayer.

    BTW, I just heard Hannity and Gingrich deny they ever heard of the "alt-right". Come on, boys. Really?

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