Nancy Pelosi Warns Of Alt-Right And White Supremacy At AIPAC

Published On 03/29/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Here’s the evil bitch Nancy Pelosi warning about the Alt-Right and White supremacy at the AIPAC conference. This event really needs to be shut down. It shows how American politicians have to collude with a foreign government in order to maintain their power. It’s the sickest thing you could imagine.

The real problem in American politics is not Russian influence, it is Jewish influence as AIPAC clearly shows.

This is what requires a real investigation. Not all this Russia gibberish. If Russia had any real power over American politics, we would see American politicians attending pro-Russia conferences and talking about how we need to stand with Russia. Instead, we see politicians regardless of political party going out of their way to do what’s in the best interests of Jews and Israel. They’re always saying we have to stand with Israel even after the evil kikes slaughter Palestinians with cluster bombs.

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Notable Replies

  1. BBF says:

    Go run for the Knesset, :pig:

  2. URJ says:

    She looks possessed.

  3. This June will mark the 50th anniversary of Pigsrael's murderous and deliberate attack on the USS Liberty. The attack left 34 sailors dead and dozens more seriously injured. It also almost resulted in a nuclear airstrike on Cairo. And the survivors were threatened to keep quiet about the incident, otherwise they and their families might "suffer the consequences". If this is how an "ally" of the US behaves I shudder to think what an enemy would do!

  4. These hypocrites have the balls to talk about the control Russia has over certain politicians,but fail to mention the full control the kikes and their lobbies have on all the politicians.

    It's no secret the kikes bribe congress to do their bidding for Israel or lose funding for their districts. Traitors.

    Even a broken clock it right twice a day. Farrakhan talks about Israels attack on the USS Liberty and the power the kiikes have over the treasonous politicians

  5. I'm surprised she hasn't been given an honorary Israeli citizenship. It would make her feel more at HOME with the other dual citizenship members of congress.

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