Old Hag Meryl Streep Cries About Trump At Golden Globe Awards

Published On 01/09/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, Video

The Jewish run entertainment industry is becoming less and less relevant by the day. The old hag Meryl Streep got up on stage at the Golden Globe Awards and whined about Donald Trump.

Trump accurately responded by calling her an over rated actress and a Hillary flunky.

If Streep was really brave, she would have dedicated her speech to exposing the Jewish pedophiles and child rapists that plague the entertainment industry.

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Notable Replies

  1. I bet this old libtard slut has been to comet ping pong and pizza many times and at a many spirit cooking event.
    These liberal idiots are so mentally ill that they still don't understand why Trump won, why the country revolted against THEIR ideology. It's very pathetic. The only way they will understand is if we civil war. I pray for civil war.

  2. Limousene liberals bashing Trump and the millions of normal, decent White Americans who voted for him is not courageous. If that old, washed-up actress had any real guts she would have denounced the jew-queer-pedophile control of Hymiewood.

  3. HWR says:

    If Meryl Streep cared so much about the disabled, she should’ve spoken on behalf of the teen who was tortured in Chicago - Kellyann Conway

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