Pathetic Cuckold Gavin McInnes Cries About His Wife Not Speaking To Him After People Call Him A Nazi!

Published On 03/19/2017 | By infostormer | News, Society

This guy Gavin McInnes is such a cuckold faggot. What type of grown man goes on Twitter to cry about their wife not speaking to them? I guess the type of man who shoves a dildo in their ass per the orders of their Jewish boss.

McInnes is the furthest thing from being a Nazi yet he whines about people calling him one like a teenage girl.

What a pathetic creature he is. If I were married to some weirdo looking feminist gook I’d be happy that my wife wasn’t talking to me! Just look at the picture of him and his wife. I wouldn’t fuck her if you paid me $6 billion!

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