Patriotic Germans In Rural Areas Embrace Adolf Hitler

Published On 11/10/2015 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, World News

The Express has written a piece about patriotic Germans in rural areas who are embracing Adolf Hitler.  The writer is obviously not pleased about this phenomenon as evidenced by the biased tone in his article.  He basically claims that these people are part of some cult and promoting some type of backward ideology.

If preserving your culture and race is a backward ideology as this writer claims, it is odd that he doesn’t write very many anti-Jewish and anti-Israel articles.  After all, Jews seem to be the only racial group who are allowed to do this without criticism.

The fact of the matter is that Jewish Marxism is the real backward ideology.  It promotes a world view that is entirely against the natural order of things.  National Socialism is the antithesis to this as it promotes a world view that embraces the natural order of things.  This is something we need to return towards regardless of what that political philosophy is labeled as.

A blurb from the propaganda piece is pasted below.  Note the tone.

From Express:

The group, calling themselves “nationalist settlers”, are ultra-right Hitler worshippers but they have traded skinhead boots for clogs and traditional materials and work as organic farmers, midwives and craftsmen.

Despite appearing bonkers however their rise is being taken very seriously.

A human rights watchdog group funded by the German interior ministry produced a study called ‘Nationalist Settlers in Rural Areas’.

Researchers concluded they believe wholeheartedly in the whole Nazi racist superman claptrap and are worming their way into local positions of power as councillors, volunteer firemen, teachers and festival organisers.

Anne Schmidt, author of the study for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation said: “This is a very scary movement to observe. These extremely nationalist right wing people are settling specifically in little-populated areas, far away from cities to live and raise their children in a backward ideology.

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80 Responses to Patriotic Germans In Rural Areas Embrace Adolf Hitler

  1. dave says:

    Hopefully it will spread to all of Germany.

    • Aussie Pub` Brawler says:

      the ideas, words and actions of Adolf Hitler are timeless….they’re
      ever-green….capable of being embraced by almost every ethnic/racial
      the ‘gist’ of his philosophy is: be all you can be!

      that’s a good yard-stick to get through life with….aspire to the higher ideals;

      the Führer was, truly, “a man against time” apropos Savitiri Devi…………

  2. Herr Wolf says:

    typical jew condescension- they mock everything not that is not urbane and “progressive”- as if raising children in urban cesspools of multiculturalism, crime and liberalism is achieving some kind of utopia.

  3. Mineshaft Gap says:

    Uh-oh! Germans who embrace Hitler? Merkelwitz will be sure to order a double helping of dindu and kebab for their towns.

  4. Johnny Paytoilet says:

    Organic farmers, midwives & craftsmen. My kind of people. You know, the ones who make the world what it really is & should always be, no matter what.

    • Herr Wolf says:

      They can probably all hit a target with a rifle at 100 yards also and don’t pay taxes on their own labor

    • Max Heiliger says:

      It does sound like me. I’m usually in my veg., herb, or flower garden.

    • IRONKRAFT says:

      Spot on. (Gloucester Old Spot) in fact lol

  5. Aussie Pub` Brawler says:

    the ideas, words and actions of Adolf Hitler are timeless….they’re ever-green….capable of being embraced by almost every ethnic/racial group….
    the ‘gist’ of his philosophy is: be all you can be!

    that’s a good yard-stick to get through life with….aspire to the higher ideals;

    the Führer was, truly, “a man against time” apropos Savitiri Devi………

  6. Mark S Layhee says:

    I enjoyed Greatest Story Never Told. I’m not a worshiper of any man. I don’t know Hitler personally. He may have been a huge asswipe… Or the kindest man on the planet. But I know he didn’t sign any orders for a genocide of any jews. You can’t deny the man knew how to run a government the right way. I’m not for national socialism or race worship. But you can’t take away the man was a legit genius. If DaVanici were a political leader, it be Hitler.

    • Slavko Vukic says:

      So what race you are ???

      • Mark S Layhee says:


        • Slavko Vukic says:

          So You hate your race? Or what are you know about national socialism ? They live for One race-One religion as a Brothers and Sisters , kind after kind !!! Or you need a negro or latino to spice you life ???

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            Sorry, I don’t buy it. I can assure you white people will still hate other whites. Just like hispanics will hate their own kind. People hate everyone. This whole ‘race worship’ is just an idol upon a pedestal. An excuse to care about something that doesn’t really matter at all.

            Jews and whites almost ended the native americans. And I think in the future, they’re going to not exist. So your logic is that if 100,000 people of a different race are about to die, and you have a choice to save them. You would simply let them die? That’s a downright evil thing.

            And this is not me being a SJW. It just makes no sense why we kill people over being different. multi culturalism is being used as a tool to kill whites. The idea of cultures sharing their ideas and keeping those ideas alive is not dangerous.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            I’ve seen a couple of comments from you now, that suggest that you don’t actually understand what we, or what National Socialism stands for.

            I certainly don’t think it’s right to invade other people’s lands and kill them either. They need their space and we need ours. We all have a right to exist, and a right to self-determination. That is the essence of National Socialism.

            We can even admire other races and cultures. Hitler often remarked on the ancient and advanced civilisation of the Chinese, or the depth of spiritual choices offered in India.

            The story of the American Indians is perhaps a bit more complex than you make out. See for example the first encounter between the English and the natives:


            Also, what of the stone-age Europeans that first inhabited North America? This certainly adds another element of complexity to the question of who “belongs” there.


            Anyway, this is all besides the point. Certainly mistakes were made, and we cannot change the past. I would encourage you take another look at National Socialism with “new eyes.” You may discover many of the things you believe to be true about the movement are in fact, bold face lies, propagated by the Jewish media.

            That too, may sound contrived, but it’s also true. Our thoughts and opinions are shaped by what we see on the idiot box. Most nationalists do NOT run around like skin heads beating up people for no good reason, or wishing death and destruction in other lands. The vast majority of us oppose wars of conquest. The movies do NOT depict reality…

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            I know national socialism isn’t evil. I just refuse to be a part of it. I don’t identify with race or a nationality.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            What then, do you identify with? Culture?

            Some food for thought.

            What is culture, if not a product or an expression of race. You change the race, you change the culture. Further more, once the race of a nation is altered, it is altered permanently – there’s no going back, there’s no “do over.”

            Should we not then take some care in deciding these matters vs the anything goes approach we have now? It should be clear by now, there *are* differences in the races. Not just intelligence or physical abilities, but temperament and world-view. IMHO, It’s not a matter of one being superior to the other. Not for me anyway.

            You are of course free to identify in any way you wish. Either way, I wish you good luck with your truth seeking endeavours.

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            Humans aren’t these bodies though. I don’t get involved in nationalism or race because this bodies is temporal. DNA is temporal. Inner self is all that matters and these bodies are only created by our Creator as an expression of creation. Humans have a free will, our God doesn’t intervene with our short commings. From what I have come across, there’s evidence that a ancient unified advanced civilization once existed and was destroyed.. Something like an Atlantis. Humans truly got along back then. Now we all hate each other and it’s all about surviving when we don’t even need to survive. I just don’t like being involved in humanity to the best of my ability.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            I don’t believe that. I do not believe you can separate the physical from the spiritual. But that’s my opinion. I think we’re done here 🙂

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            You’re a materialist than… Your view on a human is what they physically have.. Vain since all matter dies. Be an atheist asshole… I don’t wanna here from you.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            That wasn’t necessary, now was it?

            You’ve assumed too much. I think our spiritual and/or mental form has differences amongst the races, just as we have physical differences. They are matching.

            I would not even say I’m atheist. But I’m certainly skeptical of our mainstream religious view points. I do not entirely dismiss it, but much cannot be proven one way or another.

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            metaphysics is not religion. It’s the immaterial before the material. Not the worship of anthro deities that don’t exist.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            Fine, but it’s not giving you much to LIVE for, is it?

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            If you can boil yourself to a material being, then you’re not free.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            Says who? According to what standard?

            We are both material beings and spiritual beings. It’s not an either/or situation. Your making straw-man arguments my friend.

            Europeans have a unique spiritual make up, just as all other people do. And yes, the material world matters. We do not live in a dream world or a DMT-induced haze all our lives, do we?

            Does it not matter, what our environment lives in? Our family, our friends? The creative output from our minds/spirit? … I think it does.

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            You don’t recognize both then. I’m not saying matter is evil and worthless.But obsession with matter has led us to be the evi and parasitic monsters we have become today.

          • Primarius Krone says:

            I suspect we might be agreeing here without quite getting to the point, so I’ll leave it for now. Interesting discussion, best wishes.

          • Mark S Layhee says:

            I don’t identify with race though. Just in my opinion, a temporal thing. Even though I’m 98% european… I don’t have passion for my heritage.


          • Primarius Krone says:

            Indeed, you are mostly European. I think, like many people, you take your environment, your culture for granted.

            I my opinion, we do so at our own peril.

            Best wishes.

  7. Brutal Reality says:

    Adolf Hitler loved Germany. He would have NEVER allowed what is happening now. If I lived in Germany and someone asked me, who is the better leader, Merkel or Hitler, I would answer Adolf Hitler without a split second of hesitation.

    • Dissident Aggressor says:

      Merkel should not even be named in the same sentence. Serious question: in the history of the world has there ever been a better leader than AH, and, if so, who?

      • spahnranch69 . says:

        Cyrus the Great of Persia is believed by many to have been the greatest ruler of all time. Napoleon I and Augustus Caesar are also there at or near the top. Andrew Jackson was certainly America’s greatest President.

        • Dissident Aggressor says:

          Cyrus the Great not only did not put Jews into captivity, but actually freed Jews from captivity. This alone should knock him off any “great leaders” list. Napoleon is inseparable from the French Revolution, which had the dastardly effect of causing Jewish influence and power to increase. It is hard to make a serious case that Andrew Jackson’s achievements are in the same stratosphere as AH’s. Augustus Caesar inherited a great empire and governed it well, but would not have been able to rise from nothing to take over an empire (like AH).

    • Jeff Traube says:

      Bill Clinton lauded that whites would be a minority in the United States within a half century. If I had to vote for Adolf Hitler or Bill Clinton, I go with the Fuehrer . . .

  8. Slavko Vukic says:

    All the EU kike commissars are same as were the jewish commissars in Jew USSR and they will be MASSACRED by angry White Adamic mob . I just hope it will not take a long time and we can see it live or in HD !!!

    Praise Our Father YHWH in heaven and Adolf Hitler his New King David !!!!

    This is the best picture of Adolf the Great !!!

  9. Gary Youse says:

    The Weimar republic had too collapse in order for such a great leader to arise. America will need to have the same occurrence. That is why the Jew is pushing a strong leader-like alpha male on the American public. They could of chose another non-white or black man if they truly felt that us whites are doomed in America but they didn’t, they gave us Trump instead. a lot of whites are pissed off and Trump isn’t like Hitler he is a mirage in the desert for a thirsty traveler but he is not sincere. The American Empire must dissolve. If you want peace, prepare for war. We now have to clean up the mess our white ancestors where to lazy and brainwashed to clean up. This time it will need to be carved into stone. Never let the Jew in for decadence and multiculturalism will follow.

    • Max Heiliger says:

      I say, at this time, take what you can get. At least Trump is not taking money from others, ie., he’s not a sock puppet.

  10. Dissident Aggressor says:

    Can’t resist quoting Ben Klassen here:

    “…it is my considered opinion that Adolf Hitler stands head and shoulders above any other man as the greatest leader the White Race has ever produced, and as the greatest White Man that ever lived…The contribution that this great White Man made towards striking a resounding blow for the cause of the White Race and accomplishing a near break-through in smashing the Jewish conspiracy will go down in history as one of the most heroic battles in the history of mankind. When we consider what little he had to start with, what little he had to work with, how tremendous were the obstacles he had to overcome, the Herculean efforts that were expended, and the heroic fight that was waged, we can safely say without contradiction that in the words of William Shakespeare ‘the elements so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, this was a man!.'”

    Nature’s Eternal Religion, Ben Klassen, Book 2, Chapter 5.

  11. spahnranch69 . says:

    Unlike the invading snackbars and niggers those “extremely nationalist and right wing people” are not bothering anyone, nor are they feeding off of the welfare system. They are peacefully minding their own business in rural, out of the way areas. Yet the god damn anti-White, anti-German bitches still won’t leave them alone.

    • Max Heiliger says:

      They can’t be like them and that scares the shit out of them!

    • Panzerfaust says:

      Mirrors the US Govt & media view towards rural off the grid whites.

    • Brutal Reality says:

      “backward ideology”

      Yes, those backward National Socialists, and their “intolerance” for our current progressive faggotry, feminist, transgender freaks, negro worship, and of course, devotion to all other things Israel.

      • IRONKRAFT says:

        How much more backward, is the Jewish plan? Constantly doing the same thing, whilst eventually harming oneself, is also THE very definition of insanity.


  12. Panzerfaust says:

    Not eating GMO, race-mixing or depending on government services is antisemitic.

  13. Primarius Krone says:

    This phenomena is not new. Want to see the new “face of evil” according to the Jew lovers in the media? Look here:

  14. Gungnir says:

    This will spread, we can almost certain of that.

    The more the Jews and traitors try to censor or vilify these proud Aryans, the bigger the future backlash will be. Keep it up Jews, you might do something right for once.

  15. Jeff Traube says:

    Sieg Heil !

  16. IRONKRAFT says:

    Herr Hitler, is in fact, a modern-day, Prophet. He said:

    “One day, my dpirit will rise from the grave, and people will see I was right”.

    Oh’, how poignant all this is.


  17. Wandervogel says:

    In the hell of South Africa, there is the White Afrikaans only township of Oriana. The experiment is proof. White makes civilization from desert. Black makes desert from civilization.

    • Slavko Vukic says:

      Beautiful !!! I just hope that no jew will see ORANIA and destroy it !!! Nicely done !!!

  18. Nordic卐Knight says:

    People living in all white village and trying to reconnect with the spirituality of their folk and the nature that surrounds them god damn those evil bastards deserve to die. I wonder if they need any welders in the village…

  19. Paul Muad'dib says:

    This Marxist propaganda piece was penned by a certain Allan
    Hall, who appears to be a freelance journalist based in Berlin, who according
    to the ‘journalisted’ website specialises in Hitler/Nazi articles. I notice,
    unsurprisingly, that he was multiple contributions to the ‘totallyjewish’ site.
    Not sure if he’s a Kike himself, or has some other connection to the Chosen
    Ones – at the very least he’s a shill. Does anyone know anything else about
    him? Here’s a picture of the gentleman –

  20. 5n4k33y35 says:

    Remember these 14 words:
    We must ostracize jews from white society, globally and eternally. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  21. Nationalist4UK says:

    I do hope the NSDAP comes back to Germany.

  22. Cucksmasher_14 says:

    “Human right organization” is code for some kike-funded smear operation. Germany is under full scale invasion and their culture and very existence is being threatened. The purpose of this hate propaganda is to get people to focus on Germans who reject the invasion, embrace their culture and seem a little “weird” for their retro ways.

  23. spirild says:

    Instead of looking at WHY, mafiapoliticians will knead the people with their heels.

  24. Mark S Layhee says:

    This image will send you all into siezures and foaming out the mouth… What’s the swastika doing in Africa?

  25. Ed770 says:

    ”It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right.” Adolph Hitler – 1945