President Donald J. Trump Calls For Crusade Against Moslem Filth

Published On 12/19/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

Unlike the twisted Black Bastard currently finishing out his term in office, Glorious Leader will make sure that threats to the West will take precedence over outings involving golf and bathing with random Jews.

Still thirty days out from assuming power, and we’re already seeing Trump acting like a President should, with calls for the annihilation of ISIS and its subsidiaries being made in the immediate aftermath of today’s special diversification.

Now, while I don’t really care for foreign wars and the occupation of worthless Middle Eastern trash heaps, I do wholeheartedly support carpet bombing and poison gas strikes against ISIS territory, and would instantaneously get behind an initiative to round up and deport all Moslems squatting within our borders.

And the more these barbaric animals strike against us, the more likely we’ll see crackdowns that will seem like they have come from our most pleasant dreams.

That means no more kindness and tolerance like what we’ve seen in recent years.

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