President Trump Announces H.R. McMaster As National Security Advisor

Published On 02/20/2017 | By infostormer | News, Video

President Trump has chosen H.R. McMaster as his new National Security Advisor. Definitely a better pick than John Bolton who was floated around as a possible selection. McMaster seems like a no nonsense type of guy. Nothing wrong with having an alpha male type figure in this position.

Unfortunately, Trump said Bolton might be floating around in some capacity. Totally disagree with having Bolton around in any form, but at least he won’t be the National Security Adviser.

Here’s the official announcement.

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Notable Replies

  1. He's pretty apolitical and is a great military mind.

    I have no problem with us beefing up our tech and tactics - God only knows what the Chinks are up to at the moment...

  2. Something tells me that appointing General McMaster as NSA is going to make the (((Deep State))) wish they had kept their yaps shut about General Flynn. As for Bolton I doubt Trump will appoint him to anything, except maybe ambassador to Mongolia.

  3. He can focus on war games tactics involving a potential invasion by Botswana.

  4. My guess is that it comes from having gone through training during the muh Reagan period of the Cold War.

    Like the Baby Boomers, that generation is finding it hard to drop old prejudices about the Russians.

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