President Trump Appoints Scheming Court Jew Jared Kushner To Senior Advisory Position

Published On 01/09/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

I hope everyone reading this knows that come the morning of January 21st – like the early morning – the Alt-Right will drop all previous kindness and special treatment for Donald Trump, and cover his Presidency in a careful and straight-up manner.

That means if he does well and removes Kebab and/or Taco, he will continue to hold the title of God Emperor, while if he decides to cuck out and act like every other garden-variety Republican politician, we will respond accordingly.

And rest assured that picks and decisions such as today’s promotion of Jew Kushner will be heavily criticized with little mercy.

From USA Today:

Donald Trump is planning to appoint son-in-law Jared Kushner to a presidential advisory position, aides said Monday, arguing that nepotism laws do not apply to White House appointees.

Trump appeared to confirm the Kushner appointment in short question-and-answer sessions with reporters, telling them that “we’ll talk about that on Wednesday” at a scheduled news conference.

Aides said the husband of Ivanka Trump is working to wrap up his own business affairs in preparation for a move to Washington.

Kushner “is spending a lot of money on lawyers and compliance lawyers and has a real interest in bringing what has been tremendous business acumen and political instincts during the campaign into the White House as a senior adviser to his father-in-law the president,” incoming presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway told USA TODAY.

Not cool, Donald.

I understand that Ivanka promotes this guy 24/7, but come on.

We have enough Jews already, and I’m sure things will run just peachy without any further parasitic infiltration.

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  1. There's just no way out but a full blown revolution
    Filthy kike roaches are in everything at every level, even though they are 2% of the populace

  2. Get ready to criticize because Trump has showed his jew colors,I mean true colors.

  3. Trump will lose hands down his second term if he continues on this trajectory. We fought and died for the hebes to have a homeland and yet they stick still their filthy schozzes in to all our governments and assume the positions to tell us how to live. This has got to stop. Trump cuddled up to us and we are now in the millions. jThis past year has millions more waking up, there is no stopping us.

  4. At American and German taxpayers' expense, of course.

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