President Trump Shreds CNN Reporter During Press Conference, Denounces Them As Purely Fake News

Published On 01/11/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

If you weren’t afforded the opportunity to watch the live coverage of Donald Trump’s press conference, I highly suggest that you take the time to view the event in its entirety as soon as you have the chance (video provided below).

Our next President excelled throughout, and did a superb job at brushing off the parasitic media in their attempts to keep the utterly-debunked Golden Showers hoax alive.

He also addressed the foolishness of maintaining hostilities with Russia (although I’m not sure why he made some weird comments about our Slavic Bros), and the whining over the divestment of his businesses and investments in Trump-brand corporate stakes.

But best of all was his destruction of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who was repeatedly punked like the little bitch that he is during repeated demands for acknowledgement.

I actually thought for a second that Trump was going to throw out the term “Lugenpresse” during the most heated exchanges.

Alas, this proved to not be the case, but we still have a long way to go, and I feel as if the odds of such an occurrence are rather high.

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Notable Replies

  1. He also kinda kicked Mexicos ass and the CNN is FAKE NEWS!! was GREAT!

  2. That CNN hack was totally owned. Journos are scum. I certainly hope once Trump takes office lots of them end up in prison or found dead from "natural causes". Time for Trump to go full Stalin on their ass.

  3. Really Trump "Nazi Germany" ? I wonder which one of his Jew advisers told him to mention Nazi Germany? More like Bolshevism when the kikes pushed their lies and propaganda through Pravda

  4. I agree, I hope Trump doesn't make a habit of saying dumb things like that. He could have said East Germany instead, even though the DDR was a lot better than the current German Bundesrepublik is under Shmerkel.

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