Reddit’s Faggy CEO Steve Huffman Announces Crackdown On Pro-Trump Trolls

Published On 12/01/2016 | By infostormer | News, Society

Something needs to be done about these beta male faggots and Jews who are running these tech companies. They are completely against the free exchange of ideas.

Following the Pizzagate fiasco, we see Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman announcing a crackdown on pro-Trump trolls. Looks like he’s still mad that people have been calling him a pedophile and a child rapist.

From Independent:

The chief executive of online forum Reddit has announced a major crackdown on the website’s “most toxic” users, with a particular focus on supporters of President-elect Donald Trump.

In a post on the website, Steve Huffman said the site’s administrators had already identified “hundreds” of people who faced action ranging from warnings to lifetime bans.

Reddit became one of the most important online spaces for Trump supporters to organise and communicate with one another during the US election campaign.

Mr Trump himself endorsed the “subreddit” or section “r/the_donald”, at one stage taking part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session there.

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2 Responses to Reddit’s Faggy CEO Steve Huffman Announces Crackdown On Pro-Trump Trolls

  1. Herr Wolf Herr Wolf says:

    He looks like Farmer Ted in 16 Candles

  2. goy polloi says:

    Trust any CEO that looks like this beta faggot to destroy ANY company in record time. Highest priority immediately after taking over is telling the world they are gay and that they sympathize with the plight of migrants, followed by a crackdown on anyone who disagrees. That pretty much sums up his job responsibilities.

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