Roundtable Anger w/ Kyle Hunt

Published On 02/21/2016 | By Shaun Surplus | Jewish Problem, Radio, Society

Kyle hosts with fire in his veins and a determination to scorch all in our path, especially those people who pretend to be on our side, but are actually shilling for poison. He welcomes a large assortment of callers throughout the night, discussing a lot of topics.


Shauns thoughts:

Kyle let’s loose during the broadcast on a caller that advocates the idea of vaccines.  It was a moment that made time static.  It was great!

Don’t miss this important episode of the Roundtable.

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7 Responses to Roundtable Anger w/ Kyle Hunt

  1. Jude_Fetzen Jude_Fetzen says:

    Autism has greatly increased in my lifetime. I went to a conference in the early 80’s and the psychiatrist, an expert in brain physiology, talked about Autism being a rare disorder. By the mid to late 90’s there were clinics full of Autistic kids.

  2. Atomic Atomic says:

    Autistic cattle is much easier for kikes to rule over

  3. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    The fact that the jew-run media and the jew medical “experts” are always pushing for vaccines is reason enough to avoid them.

  4. Spartacus Spartacus says:

    Hey Shaun, been meaning to tell you this – I’ve recently discovered a new type of grotesquery(is that even a word?) in our kiked society, I think you should talk about it on your show to let others know it exists. It’s called “crush porn”, and it’s about people masturbating to small animals getting tortured to death :

    Lee, you might wanna run an article about it here on Infostormer too. People should know about the filth that we all wallow in.

  5. SF Nick SF Nick says:

    Fwiw the only caller Kyle Hunt ‘let loose on’ was at 1:52:35 who wasnt advocating vaccines, had only called in to ask if Kyle had listened to Angelo’s rebuttal to Sinead arguments. Judge for yourself if you think Kyles response was justified, to me sounded more like damage control mode, doubling down to mask Sineads borderline criminal character defamation of Angelo. Shaun was no better. And i say that despite being against vaccines (tho not as expert as you all), and am also suspicious of chemtrails. Its just that if Sinead was in the right, why’d she need defending scorched earth style?

    Id suggest everyone cool off, wait a few weeks and reach out to Angelo with an olive branch, see if he’s willing to join a round table with Sinead, Dr Carley or another anti vaccine expert, Michele, and mabye others, come to a better consensus, learn what you agree on etc, mabye it’d be educational for us goyim

    Burning bridges over vaccine science is fked up, unless you have proof Angelo’s shilling, dont you think this situation needs revision?

    • Shaun Surplus says:

      The caller that called in knew EXACTLY what he was saying and Kyle knew damn well where he was coming from. You hear something on the show, but you don’t listen.

      Trying to defend Gage in any way, given his recent stance on many things, including how he recently said that we need to stop naming the Jew, does not get us anywhere and that’s what the caller was getting at. The caller was also in the chatroom starting trouble with his bum-chum before they both called in from the same residence.

      And you’re damn right I have proof he’s a fuckin shill. Did you see his latest video with his white board?

      We don’t have time for BETA Cuck fuckin faggots defending Gage. Are you one of those?