Scientists Developing Brainwashing Methods To Make White People Less Resistant To Foreign Invasions

Published On 10/15/2015 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, Society

Now scientists think they can use technology to make White people not believe in God and be less resistant to a foreign invasion.  Only sick individuals would develop such things.  How many Jews were involved in this?  That’d be a good question to ask.

From Express:

A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values.

Scientists looked at how the brain resolves abstract ideological problems.

Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), researchers safely shut down certain groups of neurones in the brains of volunteers. 

TMS, which is used to treat depression, involves placing a large electromagnetic coil against the scalp which creates electric currents that stimulate nerve cells in the region of the brain involved in mood control.

Researchers found the technique radically altered religious perceptions and prejudice. 

Belief in God was reduced almost by a third, while participants became 28.5 per cent less bothered by immigration numbers.

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39 Responses to Scientists Developing Brainwashing Methods To Make White People Less Resistant To Foreign Invasions

  1. forbes mag says:

    Before too long it will be legally required for us to wear portable headgear with that magnetic coil which produces that effect. Unless we avoid that necessity by race mixing ourselves out of existence before then.

    • Brutal Reality says:

      More than once I have seen them make the claim that National Socialists are suffering from mental illness. I wouldn’t put anything past them.

      • sonofseawolf says:

        Hi br

        Yeah i suffer from the illness of living in marxian third world multi racial post america.

        Enough to make anybody w three digit iq sick!

        Save the sage grouse close the border

        3 out of 10

        • Nicholas I says:

          The White House

          Office of the Press Secretary

          For Immediate Release

          September 15, 2015

          Executive Order — Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People


          – – – – – – –



          A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them — can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people.

          Where Federal policies have been designed to reflect behavioral science insights, they have substantially improved outcomes for the individuals, families, communities, and businesses those policies serve. For example, automatic enrollment and automatic escalation in retirement savings plans have made it easier to save for the future, and have helped Americans accumulate billions of dollars in additional retirement savings. Similarly, streamlining the application process for Federal financial aid has made college more financially accessible for millions of students.

          To more fully realize the benefits of behavioral insights and deliver better results at a lower cost for the American people, the Federal Government should design its policies and programs to reflect our best understanding of how people engage with, participate in, use, and respond to those policies and programs. By improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Government, behavioral science insights can support a range of national priorities, including helping workers to find better jobs; enabling Americans to lead longer, healthier lives; improving access to educational opportunities and support for success in school; and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.

          NOW, THEREFORE, by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I hereby direct the following:

          Section 1. Behavioral Science Insights Policy Directive.

          (a) Executive departments and agencies (agencies) are encouraged to:

          (i) identify policies, programs, and operations where applying behavioral science insights may yield substantial improvements in public welfare, program outcomes, and program cost effectiveness;

          (ii) develop strategies for applying behavioral science insights to programs and, where possible, rigorously test and evaluate the impact of these insights;

          (iii) recruit behavioral science experts to join the Federal Government as necessary to achieve the goals of this directive; and

          (iv) strengthen agency relationships with the research community to better use empirical findings from the behavioral sciences.

          (b) In implementing the policy directives in section (a), agencies shall:

          (i) identify opportunities to help qualifying individuals, families, communities, and businesses access public programs and benefits by, as appropriate, streamlining processes that may otherwise limit or delay participation — for example, removing administrative hurdles, shortening wait times, and simplifying forms;

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          (iii) identify programs that offer choices and carefully consider how the presentation and structure of those choices, including the order, number, and arrangement of options, can most effectively promote public welfare, as appropriate, giving particular consideration to the selection and setting of default options; and

          (iv) review elements of their policies and programs that are designed to encourage or make it easier for Americans to take specific actions, such as saving for retirement or completing education programs. In doing so, agencies shall consider how the timing, frequency, presentation, and labeling of benefits, taxes, subsidies, and other incentives can more effectively and efficiently promote those actions, as appropriate. Particular attention should be paid to opportunities to use nonfinancial incentives.

          (c) For policies with a regulatory component, agencies are encouraged to combine this behavioral science insights policy directive with their ongoing review of existing significant regulations to identify and reduce regulatory burdens, as appropriate and consistent with Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 (Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review), and Executive Order 13610 of May 10, 2012 (Identifying and Reducing Regulatory Burdens).

          Sec. 2. Implementation of the Behavioral Science Insights Policy Directive. (a) The Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST), under the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and chaired by the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, shall provide agencies with advice and policy guidance to help them execute the policy objectives outlined in section 1 of this order, as appropriate.

          (b) The NSTC shall release a yearly report summarizing agency implementation of section 1 of this order each year until 2019. Member agencies of the SBST are expected to contribute to this report.

          (c) To help execute the policy directive set forth in section 1 of this order, the Chair of the SBST shall, within 45 days of the date of this order and thereafter as necessary, issue guidance to assist agencies in implementing this order.

          Sec. 3. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

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          (ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

          (b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

          (c) Independent agencies are strongly encouraged to comply with the requirements of this order.

          (d) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

          BARACK OBAMA

          THE WHITE HOUSE,

          September 15, 2015.

      • hadabellyfull says:

        Marxist Stalinist Russia loved their mental institutions for reeducation /obummer/jews are gettin ready to deem all white people mentally ill and take away their guns

        • spahnranch69 . says:

          The first two guys are worthy of respect, even if it is given grudgingly. The coon on the right is just a joke.

  2. spartacus says:

    Why bother- Europeans are already there and the JewSA is soon to follow

  3. NegroGunSelfie says:

    Jews and their cucks need to die for this. Plain and simple.

  4. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Don’t think the government won’t mandate this brain destroying treatment, it will, same as vaccinations.

    Paid for 100% by Obamacare, mandated for all other insurance carriers.

  5. The Dude says:

    I keep getting this messagYou’re using a browser that Disqus plans to stop supporting soon. For more information, visit our list of supported browsers and consider upgradinge “

  6. Copyright101 says:

    Now scientists think they can use technology to make White people not believe in God and be less resistant to a foreign invasion

    Yes, it’s called the mass media.

    • Nordic卐Knight says:

      But it’s not working quick enough goyim! There are still some inbred white trash cattle that see what were doing and understand europe’s their homeland. We gotta shut it down!

    • Aussie Pub` Brawler says:

      most Britz are retarded any-way(s)….still believing they fought on “the right side” during Jew War II

      • Copyright101 says:

        most Britz are retarded any-way(s)….still believing they fought on “the right side” during Jew War II

        Totally unlike Aussies then.

        • Dick Size says:

          Now we fight real wars like about who uprooted whom while secretly using a fake name online yadda yadda yadda and who used what “naughty word” so many times, too many times, this many times is okay, but certainly not THAT many times yadda yadda fucking yadda.

    • Dick Size says:

      And fake-school indoctrination centres to hammer the message in year after year after year

  7. Brutal Reality says:

    The kikes like to tell us that Hitler brainwashed 65 million Germans, but of course he didn’t have to fry their brains with powerful magnets. He just spoke the truth.

  8. Copyright101 says:

    Lets note The Agenda™ aspects of the article.

    Two white people are depicted as the subjects of the process [whites need ‘fixing’]. No mention or implication of fixing non-whites or *gasp” jews. Only whites have faulty perceptions of reality.

    Scientists looked at how the brain resolves abstract ideological problems

    Immigration is an abstract ideological problem?

    The American participants were also shown two essays written by newly arrived immigrants – one highly complimentary of the US and the other extremely critical.

    Dr Izuma said: “When we disrupted the brain region that usually helps detect and
    respond to threats, we saw a less negative, less ideologically motivated reaction to the critical author and his opinions.”

    In other words they lobotomised the subjects. The only ‘ideology’ on display is that of the researchers (and the writer of this article). Perhaps they should have tried it on people while showing them footage of a leopard eating people, perhaps they would have less negative responses to being eaten thereafter?

  9. Jim says:

    There will be one in every hospital in 10 years

  10. Jim says:

    Can it fix the kike brain?

  11. spahnranch69 . says:

    This sounds like an experiment straight out of A Clockwork Orange.

    “You’re becoming healthy, that’s all.”

  12. IRONKRAFT says:

    Literally, we are slap in the middle of a Jew “Big Brother” dictatorship. It’ll become law. This HAS to stop… soon.

  13. Nordic卐Knight says:

    Meh, wars over fellas. Let’s just curl up in a grave and let the niggers and pakis take over

  14. hadabellyfull says:

    research done at university of TEL-Aviv funded by Obummer admin grant -TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION with testicle smashing therapy.


  15. Bill Veris says:

    I’ve always thought they did demonic shit like this and now we have proof!
    I’ve said a few times that Lee posts awesome articles and that belief is reinforced! This is an important website for sure!

    Lee deserves the Article of the Week award!

  16. hadabellyfull says:

    fucking kikes -it friday reprogram with this–get your mind right for weekend=

  17. Biggus Dickus says:

    it’s the Clockwork Orange treatment come to live.

  18. Unfortunately Raised Jooish says:

    I’m calling bullshit on this. I highly doubt this machine can do any of this. It’s likely the results are fabricated or it is merely a placebo effect. I’m not buying it.

    I went to therapy once and they tried to hypnotize me so I wouldn’t be afraid of flying after 9/11. All this mental horseshit just relies on people ALREADY being open and wanting to have things be suggested to them. Otherwise these people are either already mentally deficient or just plain idiots.

  19. Robert Murray says:

    >Implying believing in the Jew God Yahweh is not part of the problem. Hail Odin!

  20. Jeff Traube says:

    If only they could invent a machine to make Jews less subversive and devious – and more inclined to manual labor; though they’d still be ugly.

  21. Dandelo disintegrates says:

    Take with a handful of salt: a lot of science is fraudulent.

  22. Mark S Layhee says:

    I call bullshit. Because I would resist this. Internet is full of bullshit. Nearly all of neuroscience is bullshit.