Sears And K-Mart Drop Trump Merchandise

Published On 02/12/2017 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

I can see why Nordstrom thought they could get away with dropping Ivanka Trump’s merchandise. They are a higher end retail chain. Their customers are mostly upper middle class losers who probably voted for Hillary Clinton.

I don’t understand why Sears and K-Mart would follow suit by dropping Trump home items. These are retailers geared to a market demographic that would have most likely supported Donald Trump for President.

From CNBC:

Trump-branded consumer products have suffered new blows, with U.S. retailers Sears Holdings Corp. and Kmart Corp. discontinuing online sales of 31 Trump Home items, while new details emerged showing sales of Ivanka Trump’s brand fell in the weeks before Nordstrom Inc. stopped carrying her products.

Sears and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kmart, disclosed their decision on Saturday, saying it was part of a push to focus their online business on the most profitable items.

Whatever their rationale for removing Ivanka’s merchandise, we need to boycott all these companies. Nordstrom, Sears and K-Mart should not get any of our business.

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Notable Replies

  1. Sears and Kmart, two real winners in the retailing industry. When was the last time anyone saw one of their stores that was still open?

  2. Personally, I don't give a shit about this. Both K-Mart & Sears are heading for extinction. The merchandise they now sell is cheap chink made crap. More than likely, a lot of the shoppers now are non white & they don't want to offend their dwindling customer base. The profitable items answer they gave was more than likely pulled out of some ad agency's collective ass. Look for WAL-MART & SAM's to follow suit. Keep in mind virtually every US based corporation has no loyalty to this nation anymore. A cartoon I saw years ago showed executives from some conglomerate, hands on heart, pledging allegiance to the country" that gives us the best deal." Where did we hear that before concerning a certain (((banking family dynasty))).

    P.S. Sears sold its famous Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker last month. SB&D says that it plans on manufacturing all of its products once again in the US. Good news with one exception, why did they stop doing it in the first place? Time will tell.

  3. Goodbye shit sellers. Purveyors of second hand Chink shit. Sears was owned at one time by Julius Rosenberg or something like that and the CEO of KosherMarket is Schwartz or something like that. Julius gave millions to civil rights" groups. Fuck these parasites. And do NOT forget that your hard earned dollars spent at KosherMarket all went back to Chinkland to build up the PLA.

  4. Well we can officially call it 'Kike-Mart' now. And Sears used to be good but has been reduced to the level of WalMart. Take for instance their Kenmore appliances. They are made by Samsung. Exact same parts and design. I was told this by a Sears salesperson. We bought Maytag, one of the few still made in America and we did not buy it at Sears or K-Mart, it was from a private local dealer. Do people think Americans are not capable of building something good or what?

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