Seditious Skank From Obama Regime Calls For Military Coup Against President Trump

Published On 02/02/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Last I checked, sedition and treason are rather serious offenses under American law, and potentially lead to execution for those convicted.

My personal suggestion is that President Trump use the full force of our penal codes to purge the corridors of power of all those who stand against him, and thus lead to a full draining of the swamp that could potentially last for generations.

Otherwise, he runs the risk of these enemy elements combining their resources to make the first couple years of his divinely-ordained rule far more complicated than need be.

Seriously, just utilize the FBI and Justice Department under Jeff Sessions to crush all dissent within a maximum period of 90 days.

You could even stream the executions live behind a paywall to raise revenue.

I would personally pay to watch the festivities, that’s for sure.


In a blog post for Foreign Policy magazine, Rosa Brooks, a former Obama administration official, outlined four ways to “get rid” of President Trump, including declaring him mentally unfit for command or carrying out a military coup.

Brooks is a Schwartz senior fellow at the New America Foundation, which is funded by billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. She served from 2009-2011 as Counselor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and served as a senior adviser at Obama’s State Department.

Her posting is titled “3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020,” although the piece actually outlines four ways.

In what seems to be a deliberate tactic, Brooks repeatedly questions Trump’s mental stability, claiming that the president’s first week in office “has made it all too clear: Yes, he is as crazy as everyone feared.”

Brooks, who is not a mental health professional, offered no evidence for her armchair psychological evaluation other than citing policies that she doesn’t like.

Remember those optimistic pre-inauguration fantasies? I cherished them, too. You know: “Once he’s president, I’m sure he’ll realize it doesn’t really make sense to withdraw from all those treaties.” “Once he’s president, surely he’ll understand that he needs to stop tweeting out those random insults.” “Once he’s president, he’ll have to put aside that ridiculous campaign braggadocio about building a wall along the Mexican border.” And so on.

Nope. In his first week in office, Trump has made it eminently clear that he meant every loopy, appalling word — and then some.

Brooks listed four ways to get rid of a “crummy” president.

  • Elect him out of office after his four-year term. “But after such a catastrophic first week, four years seems like a long time to wait,” she wrote.
  • Impeachment. However, she lamented, “impeachments take time: months, if not longer — even with an enthusiastic Congress. And when you have a lunatic controlling the nuclear codes, even a few months seems like a perilously long time to wait.”
  • Utilizing a claim of mental instability to invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which sets the path for the commander-in-chief’s removal if the “president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”
  • A military coup. She writes: “The fourth possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders.”

Regarding her suggested military coup, a creative Brooks proposes preposterous scenarios that she fears Trump might try to play out:

“What would top U.S. military leaders do if given an order that struck them as not merely ill-advised, but dangerously unhinged? An order that wasn’t along the lines of ‘Prepare a plan to invade Iraq if Congress authorizes it based on questionable intelligence,’ but ‘Prepare to invade Mexico tomorrow!’ or ‘Start rounding up Muslim Americans and sending them to Guantánamo!’ or ‘I’m going to teach China a lesson — with nukes!'”

So I studied up on Rosa Brooks, and on her mother’s side I really couldn’t find much other than some sort of weird Feminist streak that transformed the woman into a dreadful creature with heavily-Communist tendencies.

Her dad, though?

Well, his name is John Ehrenreich, and he worked most of his life as an academic and clinical psychologist specializing in social-justice causes.

Oh, and his picture is better than a thousand words:


I think we’re up to reason 4,983,283,274 – unless this guy is somehow cursed by deceptively-Jewy genes – on why we need to ban Jews and first degree Mischling offspring (at least) from holding any positions of power and/or monetary wealth above subsistence levels.

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