Shaun Hosts the Renegade Round Table

Published On 02/28/2016 | By Shaun Surplus | Jewish Problem, Radio, Society

On the Round Table tonight Shaun speaks about Micro$ofts attempts to lie to the Goy about hidden IP addresses.  He then goes on to talk with callers Jacko from Australia, Tony & Moshka from the States.


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2 Responses to Shaun Hosts the Renegade Round Table

  1. USAsSecondCivilWar says:

    I believe a Saiga 12 Semi-Automatic shotgun is appropriate in this riotous situation followed by a .45 Sig Sauger 1911 in the close combat situation.
    Fuck Ya’ let the red blood flow in the streets. Sticky red blood!

  2. Jude_Fetzen Jude_Fetzen says:

    Hope you will do a radio show on the jewish and negro control of Hollywood and the Academy Awards.