Stupid Bitch Working For DC Public Schools Says She Wants To “Get Rid Of” White Men

Published On 12/15/2016 | By infostormer | News, Society

This bitch would be a good candidate to be handed over to Moslems as a tribute. If she wants to “get rid of” White men perhaps she’d be more comfortable living in Saudi Arabia with a Black bed sheet on her head.

From Washington Times:

A spokeswoman for D.C. Public Schools is under fire for posts on social media saying she wants to “get rid of” white men.

DCPS spokeswoman Hilary Tone on Tuesday retweeted a news story about President-elect Donald Trump nominating former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as energy secretary, titled, “Rick Perry chosen to run agency he once threatened to abolish,” according to screenshots published by The Daily Caller.

“In that case I’d like to be Secretary of White Men,” Ms. Tone quipped.

According to the screenshot, the school district’s deputy chief of school turnaround and performance, Eugene Pinkard, favorited the tweet.

“I’ve been waiting for this fave ALL DAY,” Ms. Tone responded.

She also took to her Facebook page, writing, “If wanting to get rid of something qualifies you to run it, I want to be Secretary of White Men.”

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