Supreme Court Shitlord: Neil Gorsuch Founded “Fascism Forever Club” While In High School

Published On 02/02/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

I thought I would be happy enough with having the first WASP in my lifetime sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States, but it looks like in the Age of Trump things can always get better.

Turns out that during his formative youth years, Neil Gorsuch was already quite red-pilled (for the time) on the Leftist Problem that has ruined our educational system to the point where it will have to be fumigated through seriously-draconian measures.

In fact, he was so red-pilled that he actually formed a nice little club dedicated to trolling the Communist scum that ran roughshod through his exclusive Jesuit high school.

And the name of the group?


From Daily Mail:

Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch founded and led a student group called the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ at his elite high school, can reveal.

The club was set up to rally against the ‘left-wing tendencies’ of his professors while attending a Jesuit all-boys preparatory high school near Washington D.C.

The name may be inconvenient for a Supreme Court nominee facing a tough confirmation battle. However it also shows the depth of Gorscuch’s right-wing credentials – and his penchant for mischief while attending his exclusive prep school in the 1980s.

President Donald Trump nominated Gorsuch, a 49-year-old U.S. appellate judge, to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Tuesday.

Gorsuch founded the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ during his freshman year at Georgetown Preparatory, a now-$30,000-a-year private Jesuit school that is one of the most selective in the United States.

He served as president until he graduated in 1985, according to his senior yearbook

The yearbook described the ‘Fascism Forever Club’ as an anti-faculty student group that battled against the ‘liberal’ views of the school administration.

‘In political circles, our tireless President Gorsuch’s “Fascism Forever Club” happily jerked its knees against the increasingly “left-wing” tendencies of the faculty,’ said the yearbook.

Wanna see the Leftist filth riot over something as formal as a Supreme Court nomination hearing?

I’ll put a good chunk of change on the bet that they will once this story blows up across the tubes.

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