The Atlantic Releases Richard Spencer Documentary

Published On 12/15/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, Video

Surprisingly enough, The Atlantic, a publication that is dealing with widespread grassroots protests over the hiring of despicable Jewish rodent Julia Ioffe, released a rather impressive documentary on Richard Spencer earlier today.

Originally filmed during the NPI Conference leading up to the now-legendary #HeilGate incident, the eleven minute film stays relatively unbiased throughout, with the only issue being a couple of minor tricks that ultimately fail to produce their intended effect.

Overall, Spencer is allowed to articulate his points without much opposition or emotional signalling, while the Antifa pigs who gathered to demonstrate against him are depicted as the rabid hate-filled maniacs that they truly are.

Also featured is a brief cameo by our very own Moshe (at the 2:18 mark), as well as a couple of other appearances by other famous Stormer posters.

Below is The Atlantic’s own description of the video:

Richard B. Spencer greeted an audience of more than 200 at an alt-right conference in Washington D.C. last month with the cry, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” He was met with enthusiastic cheers and Nazi salutes, and The Atlantic’s clip made headlines. In this documentary, we go further inside Spencer’s ethnocentric worldview to understand what his plans are for the so-called alt-right—namely, to bring white nationalism out of the shadows. “I don’t see myself as a marginal figure who’s going to be hated by society. I see myself as a mainstream figure,” he said. Spencer and other alt-right leaders see Donald Trump’s rise as the first step towards a whites-only state. “Our lived experience is being a young, white person in 21st century America, [and] seeing your identity be demeaned,” Spencer said. “I’ve lived in this multicultural mess for years and I’m trying to get out of it.”

While this may anger some people out there, I feel like Spencer serves as a model for us to emulate in our march towards the mainstream.

Clean-cut, articulate, and quick on the fly will be the attributes we need when we begin entering the public sphere, universities, and political offices.

Because rest assured, we WILL be in power (or have the opportunity) sooner rather than later.

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