The Greatest Generation

Published On 03/20/2017 | By infostormer | News, Video

Everything the Greatest Generation fought for has come true today!

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  1. It would probably be funnier if it were less spot on accurate!
    The video forgot one thing, how america will become like tijuana in the next 20 years in much of the SW.
    I bet not a single person on this thread can differentiate between the pics below to which ones are los angeles and which ones are TJ.

    Then again , there isn't much difference anyways.
    Someone once told me the only "differnce" is that the price of dope is higher in the US.
    Sounds about right.

  2. I don't blame these old coots that you see at the WW2 reunions- they were fed lies by the Zionists and traitors like FDR and Churchill. Many US soldiers unknowingly killed their Germanic blood relatives- very sad.

  3. I'll take a guess. The first picture is Tijuana with "meester would you like to meet my seesters" in the background and some dude heading to the US border with his worldly possessions in his wheelie luggage with the "fuck this" look on his face.

    The second one looks like a back alley in East LA. Where the beaners go for fake documents.

    Third one is definitely a mexican dump. It's an open area so the puntas can go shopping for free

    The forth is East LA again where the beaners will use anything to get free advertising at the expense of another's misfortune.

  4. Lol. I spent ten years in California and during that time, I saw how the beaners progress from being low key and grateful, to arrogant, with that type of graffiti increasing on highway overpasses then onto buildings. I had never seen this type of style before.
    Fast forward to today and that shit's everywhere and even considered an 'art form'.

    But on to the video... Most of the veterans of WWll are long gone now. And if they lived in a country under British rule, their fathers were WWI veterans.
    (The United States jumped in after Pearl Harbor in 1941).

    But at the time, they sincerely believed that they were fighting a 'perceived threat'.
    They were told that if they didn't fight 'over there', then they would face having to 'fight it over here'.

    At the time, people were naive and believed everything they were told because they had nothing else to go by. Communication would come from the neighbors who could afford a newspaper or a phone.
    Many people, whole families, starved to death around these veterans when they were children by the jew driven Great Depression.

    In 1913, most were infants when the Federal Reserve usurped the money system as their parents suddenly faced tax bills and were forced to turn in their personal gold savings for toilet paper currency. Only to be rewarded with discovering it useless by the kike crash of 1929.

    A war was a welcome change as it put it men back into employ, countered by the fear of seeing their countries further ravaged by an 'evil dictator' who 'wished to see them all enslaved or dead'.

    I see many people bemoan about the 'good old days and how much better things were'
    They tend to overlook this generation.
    Or should I say the Massively Culled And Vilified Whites' Generation. (War, Spanish flu> likely another jewish act)
    There was nothing good about it.
    Never in the history of Mankind has there been Wholesale Death on this scale, recorded before. I'm sure the Rothschilds sat around their map of the world and called it that, not unlike the way children used to play with toy solders on a rainy afternoon.

    I often think about my Grandfather and how, although not physically wounded, -save for going deaf due to the roar of the Spitfire engines he flew- he was made a bitter and angry man because of his participation. He never wanted to talk about it , but he talked a lot about how the whole world went to shit after it. (He lost his Dad to WWI and luckily had many uncles helping his mother raise him.) He was a Flyboy in The North Atlantic Theatre.
    He would yell and scream at the radio at dinnertime- he always had the 6:00 news blaring -a house rule during supper and would bang his fists on the table at frustration toward what he heard. The rest of the time he'd flash his dark humor about JewBoys, Niggers, Chinamen and those Filthy Paki's.
    He GodDamned them all.

    Edit: Forgot to mention 1930s The Dust Bowl Days that drove so many hopeful Farm Families into the Cities

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