Top Disney Jew Bob Iger Took Home $46 Million Last Year As He Replaces White American Workers With Foreigners

Published On 06/09/2015 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

$46 million for the Jew CEO of Bob Iger in just one year alone.  With that type of salary you’d think he’d be happy and do everything he can for his employees.  Nope, instead he decides to fire them and force them to train their foreign replacements.  It doesn’t get much more Jewish than that.

The bottom line is that Disney is an evil Jewish run entity that has been completely subverted and Jewed.  People should boycott Disney until they rid their enterprise of all the Jew profiteers running it.

From EPI:

There was a lot to celebrate in the Magic Kingdom this year. The Disney Corporation had its most profitable year ever, with profits of $7.5 billion—up 22 percent from the previous year. Disney’s stock price is up approximately 150 percent over the past three years. These kinds of results have paid off handsomely for its CEO Bob Iger, who took home $46 million in compensation last year.

Disney prides itself on its recipe for “delighting customers,” a recipe it says includes putting employees first. They tout this as a key to their success in creating “a culture where going the extra mile for customers comes naturally” for employees. One method of creating this culture is referring to its employees as “cast members.” In fact, Disney is so proud of its organizational culture that it’s even created an institute to share its magic with other businesses (for a consulting fee, of course).

So, you would expect a firm that puts its employees first to share the vast prosperity that’s been created with the very employees who went above and beyond to help generate those record profits.

Well, how did Mr. Iger repay his workers—sorry, I mean cast members—for creating all this profit? Not with bonuses and a big raises. Instead, as the New York Times just detailed in a major report, he forced hundreds of them to train their own replacements—temporary foreign workers here on H-1B guestworker visas—before he laid them off.

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25 Responses to Top Disney Jew Bob Iger Took Home $46 Million Last Year As He Replaces White American Workers With Foreigners

  1. KoolAid says:

    Walt Disney and Ted Turner were good men, I think the jews take an especially evil pleasure in tarnishing everything they created.

    O/T: Ted actually has a chain of steakhouses in the Midwest that are pretty damn good. Try the bison Ribeye if you ever get the chance.

    • Herr Wolf says:

      Ted’s Montana Grill is the name of it and it is pretty good. CNN was started with good intentions but like you said it was taken over by the Jews That Run the News.

    • spahnranch69 . says:

      Ted Nugent ought to have a steakhouse. His kick-ass music is un-apologetically for White males and his superior hunting skills are important for every White “survivalist” to know.

      • honkeelipz says:

        it was even in that killer TWD episode, remember!!?!! sounded awesome cranked up loud in Darry’ls brother’s car

  2. forbes mag says:

    “People should boycott Disney until they rid their enterprise of all the Jew profiteers running it.”

    That’s never going to happen. Disney is owned by jews, and they schemed for decades to take it over as the only non-jew owned movie studio but Walt Disney never let them have it. Once he died, it was a plum for the picking by the jews. Now that they have it, they’ll never give it up.

  3. The Dude says:

    Ill never go to disney land ever again and I’m going to try to convince as many people as I can not watch their stupid movies anymore. This is appalling.

    • nordicman says:

      Yep and also do things on a local level, as well. Instead of going to a Mexican or Chinese or chain place, support your local mom-and-pop white-owned businesses (bars, mechanics, butchers, restaurants, hotels, motels, vets, burger joints, banks, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc) The money is usually going to help a white family that owns it, the services are better and the money is circulated back into your community.

      • Johnny Paytoilet says:

        One exception, patronize businesses owned by European immigrants. I enjoy going to a Russian restaurant owned by naturally, a Russian man & Ukrainian family. Good food, a great atmosphere & excellent service. Yes, stay away from the Chinese, Japanese, Mexican & national chain joints. Enjoy the great cuisines of Europe, whether it be French, German, Italian, etc.

      • huntress says:

        Yep. I will never step inside a mexi restaurant. White american only, period!

    • honkeelipz says:

      well my friend, then don’t bank at State Street, Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of america, Mellon Bank, Citibank, because they ALL hire exclusively Sanjay the moron……. Need I mention so does Blue Cross, Fidelity, etc…. You’ll have nowhere to shop if you knew the extent of outsourcing… thank a Clinton, hug a Bush…

  4. Brutal Reality says:

    I think we all knew Disney was screwed when the kike Eisner took it over and announced an annual ass pirate appreciation day.

    • Johnny Paytoilet says:

      Just think, Disney fired Tommy Kirk after discovering he was a homo. What really urinates me off is Kirk did a couple of romantic scenes with Annette Funicello and other cute Disney babes in the early/mid 60’s.

  5. spahnranch69 . says:

    Just look at that sly Oriental jew Iger and its shit-eating grin. By Jove, I’ll never return to Disneyworld again, except as a conqueror who lays waste to it, the way the Romans laid waste to Carthage for all time, the way the Greeks laid waste to Persepolis for all time.

  6. zozo says:

    Let me see… when was the last time the I spent money in anything having a Disney stamp on it… uuuhhhhmmm… Oh, no~! I can’t remember!

  7. honkeelipz says:

    Yours truly works with enterprise-level software, and, let me tell you, Disney isn’t the first to completely sell out americans in favor of help-to-me-please clueless “educated” +91 Sanjays. While it makes me sick, as a veteran of mega-corporation software companies, it led me to this honkeelipz-ism: 90% of the people around you are completely useless. Do you really need to pay “Gene” 75USD an hour to call an 800 number for help? not at all…. no jews at play here DS, disculpa

  8. honkeelipz says:

    off-topic, but, it just occurred to me that I’d love to have beers with my fellow “Slaver’s” someday, ala the parties fans have. Fear not, I will start without you all….

  9. Vladmir says:

    I haven’t been to any Disney park since the 70’s, and it looks like I will not ever be returning to one of those overpriced jew run amusement shitholes now, boycott any Disney products.
    We should be boycotting all jew corporations fully, however any investigation into the leadership of these criminal enterprises proves this to be damned near impossible, the international zionist octopus has its tentacles virtually everywhere now.

    • Johnny Paytoilet says:

      Good point Vladmir. I refused to renew my satellite radio contract with SIRIUS after I found out it was owned by zionlanders. Also, many of the Fortune 500 corporations, Coca Cola, for example, have substantial ties to zionland. Yes, boycott, be aware & be wise of the ziotopus.

      • DenisetheCelt says:

        We are going to have to make everything we can, for ourselves, from the ground up.

  10. Ed Raines says:

    There’s more: Disney is now blacklisting the laid-off employees:

  11. DenisetheCelt says:

    Go on Disney Jew Tube sites, and write about this. The Average Goyim will be clueless. Wake them up,

  12. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The bottom line is that Disney is an evil Jewish run entity that has been completely subverted and Jewed.

    Walt Disney fought Hollywood Jews his entire professional career. They used banks, Jew-led union strikes and ethnic networking to try to destroy him and everything he’d built. After Walt died in 1966, his heirs could not stand up to Jewish pressure:

    On September 22, 1984 the board of directors appointed Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to head Disney Productions. Eisner then brought Jeffrey Katzenberg, also Jewish, over to Disney from Paramount. Katzenberg’s job was to ‘revamp’ Disney studios. Old Disney loyalists were considered by the self ‘chosen’ to be ‘dead weight’ and over 400 were fired and replaced by a hand picked Jewish team from Paramount. Former Morris Agency employee David Hoberman was put in charge of Disney subsidiary Touchstone Pictures. Richard Frank was recruited from Paramount to ‘revitalize’ Disney’s television interests.

    Jews had now taken over control of Disney. They used the Touchstone and Miramax to make racy and anti-Christian movies that Walt Disney would never have allowed at his studio.

    Although gays were prohibited from any activities at Disneyland while Walt was alive, after the Jewish takeover, Eisner openly invited and courted homosexual groups to hold ‘dances’ and events at the theme parks…. From the very beginning Disney was considered a ‘goy’ outsider by Jews who stole from Thomas Edison. They had defied the ‘goy’ Edison and by their tenacity had beaten him. They blocked out Disney because he wasn’t one of the self ‘chosen’ and Disney had to fight his whole life to break into the closed Jewish society called Hollywood.

    Rest of this fascinating article here:

    Walt Disney’s War With Hollywood’s Jews