Trump Addresses James Comey Firing In Interview With Rude Negro Lester Holt

Published On 05/11/2017 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

Trump addressed his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey in an interview with the rude Negro Lester Holt. He also addresses the Russia nonsense and other topics. Watch it below.

The firing of Comey has caused the Jew media to claim that this was done to cover up all the Russian collusion conspiracy theories they’ve come up with.

The whole claim is stupid. Both Republicans and Democrats have called for Comey’s firing. It was long overdue. He turned the FBI into a politicized organization and ruined its reputation. His handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail fiasco was terrible.

If these people are so concerned about foreign collusion and foreign interference, all of this energy should be poured into investigating ties with Israel and not Russia. It is public knowledge that Israel has vast amounts of influence over the United States government.

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