Trump Warns Israel Against New Settlement Announcements

Published On 02/02/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

The news keeps getting better. The Israeli press has been reporting that President Trump warned Israel against their recent settlement announcements.

From Haaretz:

Donald Trump’s White House reportedly warned Israel against “unilateral” announcements of new settlements, saying they “undermine” the new administration’s desire to reach a peace deal along the lines of a two-state solution, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday, citing an unnamed senior official.

If true, the statement could signal a major disappointment for many on the Israeli right, including senior members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, who hoped that Trump would abandon the two-state solution and believed his attitude towards settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem would be far more supportive than that of Obama.

These announcements absolutely work to undermine any sort of peace deal. Of course we know the Israelis do not want nor desire peace. They seek to genocide the Palestinian people in the name of their disgusting Zionist empire.

Trump’s rhetoric has been extremely pro-Israel but if these reports are true, he might not be as pro-Israel as Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli right thinks.

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Notable Replies

  1. The kikes are doing to the Palestinians what they claimed the "Nazis" did to them in WW2. The only true Nazis are the Ashke-NAZI kikes.

    Remember goyim, the NS didn't call themselves "Nazis" that was coined by a kike named Konrad Heiden to demonize the NS.

  2. I guess they were celebrating a bit too early!

    There are so many contradictions. It's difficult to follow.

    Who is Trump actually loyal to?

    Does he have a plan here or is he just winging it?

    Eventually he will have to betray the Interests of the Jews or us.

  3. Trump's team is who exactly? :wink:

    I know who they are - all of them - and what they believe. An astute team of Jews and avowed Zionists that know exactly what to say and when to say it.

    Ever notice how the Zionists have been working hard to cosy-up to White Nationalists lately?

    That's the marriage made in hell we are dealing with.

    It wouldn't be the first time a Politician betrays his constituents and It's not like there are any other compelling options to vote for.

    But hey, fingers crossed.

  4. First, everyone should just stop and relax for a second. Remember, Emperor Trump hasn't even been in office for 2 weeks. His cabinet isn't even filled yet and the Supreme Court pick won't be approved for several months. Once those things get settled the gloves come off. To your point about Zionist cosying-up to WN don't they ALWAYS try to cosy-up to everyone? And who's fault is that to let them? We need a face out there that is NOT this Milo jew fag and the msm needs to know that Milo does not represent us. Although any agitation of the Marxists, I think, is a good thing. (at least it's pretty funny) After thought; the jews are now and for thousands of years have been the no.1 problem for whites. But they are not the only problem and they are a much harder one to solve than many other problems in America. Here's my thought on the first thing T.T. could do to start to solve this and that is end dual citizenship for everyone. More later......


    "What the frickety-frack is going on here?! Is Orange Man suddenly taking secret marching orders from Dickhead Cheney and Congosleaza Rice or something? The span of just the past 48 hours of this writing has witnessed National Security Advisor Mike Flynn putting Iran "on notice," and an attack on Yemen that resulted in the death of one commando and an undetermined number of innocent Yemeni civilians, and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley declaring that sanctions against Russia will not be removed until Russia hands Crimea back to the criminal state of Ukraine, and Secretary of Offense James "Mad Dog" Mattis hurling threats of an "effective and overwhelming” response in the imaginary event of North Korean aggression.

    Who let the dogs out, indeed?! This is madness. Not only does this smell like the same type of endless and aggressive intervention that Obongo-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Reagan-Carter et al had mired America in for decades past, but in each case, Orange Man's operatives are aligning with the "bad guys" against the innocent. Consider:"

    [from link}

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