Trump’s Advisors Accused Of Holohoax Denial For Not Mentioning The 60 Trillion Dead Jews

Published On 01/31/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

These Jews keep embarrassing themselves with their retarded Holocaust hoax. President Trump’s team put out a statement denouncing the alleged Holocaust but didn’t mention the supposed 60 trillion dead Jews. As a result of this, we have Jews now claiming that leaving out the supposed victimization of Jews is the equivalent of denying their hoax.

From Guardian:

The internationally renowned historian Deborah Lipstadt, whose courtroom battle with Holocaust denier David Irving is the subject of the new film Denial, has accused President Donald Trump’s “innermost circle” of being guilty of “soft Holocaust denial” and the “de-Judaization” of the Nazi genocide.

Writing in the Atlantic, Lipstadt – a leading expert on the Nazi effort to wipe out Europe’s Jews – took aim at the Trump administration for its failure last Friday to mention Jews as the primary victims of the Holocaust.

“Holocaust denial is alive and well in the highest offices of the United States,” wrote Lipstadt. “It is being spread by those in President Trump’s innermost circle. It may have all started as a mistake by a new administration that is loath to admit it’s wrong.

“Conversely, it may be a conscious attempt by people with antisemitic sympathies to rewrite history,” she added. “Either way it is deeply disturbing.”

Even people who believe these Jewish shower room gas chamber fantasies are getting increasingly sick of this non-stop whining. These events allegedly happened over 70 years ago. There were many different types of people who suffered as a result of World War II. One could easily argue that Jews suffered the least. Look at what happened to the Germans with the Dresden bombings and their treatment after the war. They were treated far worse compared to how Germans treated Jews within their camps.

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  1. Isn't it interesting when you ask a "leading expert" how much fuel did the Nazis use to cremate all of those poor innocent Jews, they never answer? Questions like "How did the Nazis manage to process 1100 bodies per DAY in three years?" always seems to earn a response like "holocaust denier!" and "anti-semite!" Very interesting indeed.

  2. I'm so tired of kikes

  3. The goyim have spoken and it looks like Annudah Shoah as Denial only took in about 4 million shekels in its US release last fall

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