Tucker Carlson Shreds Pro-Invasion Professor Ilya Somin

Published On 04/17/2017 | By infostormer | News, Video

The one man gas chamber Tucker Carlson shredded this professor Ilya Somin on his show today. Somin thinks people are ignorant for not wanting unlimited numbers of low IQ invaders coming to our country. While I can’t say 100 percent sure if this Somin character is a Jew, I can definitely say that he’s a low testosterone weasel! He does look like a Jew though!

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Notable Replies

  1. Ilya Somin, is a Jew writer for the Jew Volokh Conspiracy which is a blog that's part of the Washington Compost

  2. URJ says:

    Every last one of these weasel professors needs to be murdered. Not saying I'm going to do it but I'd kill every last one of these little faggots if the ZOG cops didn't work for evil.

    Seriously, these smug faggots never have a glimmer of doubt that their bullshit ideology is incorrect. I fucking HATE these pieces of shit. They are all weak and pathetic fucks.

    Edit: LOL! That faggot at the end got bitched out so hard he was trying to dolt right away! HAHAHAHA! He looked like such a fucking bitch!

  3. That is one of the jewiest looking specimens I've seen in a long time! Just looking at that uncouth pig-face is enough to turn anyone into an anti-semite.

  4. Most jewbags have punchy-looking faces. I cant even stand to look at them anymore. That witch/rat face is offensive to me, not to mention that nasal whine and degeneracy

  5. BBF says:

    Yes! Saw this last night! What a fucking weasel.

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