UC Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech Citing Safety Concerns

Published On 04/19/2017 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

Looks like UC Berkeley is doing the same thing to Ann Coulter that Auburn University did to Richard Spencer. They are cancelling her upcoming speech citing safety concerns.

It’s pretty ridiculous that they would cancel Coulter’s speech. She isn’t really that hardcore of a figure. It’s not like she’s calling for neighborhood gas chambers or something. This is another case of a university attempting to stifle free speech.

From NY Daily News:

Ann Coulter’s appearance at University of California Berkeley has been cancelled after fears of riots returning to the school, though the controversial conservative pundit says she is coming no matter what.

The prestigious university’s vice chancellors said Wednesday that “given currently active security threats, it is not possible to assure that the event could be held successfully.”

Coulter, famous for provocative right-wing statements on subjects such as immigration, was scheduled to give a speech on April 27.

The chancellors’ email to the school’s College Republicans canceling the event comes after clashes between far right and left-wing protesters have repeatedly brought violence to the northern California institution.

We’ll see what happens but there’s a good chance that this could turn into another Battle of Berkeley situation. Coulter is still planning on attending despite the cancellation.

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