Ultimate Clinton Collapse: New Polls Show Tie In Michigan And Pennsylvania

Published On 11/04/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

Every single day brings new information that has made me almost ecstatic in feeling, with Michigan and Pennsylvania now ours to grab in just four days.

Hillary is now learning that no matter how much corruption is stirred up among the Black churches, no matter how much fraud is committed inside the Urban Tribal Preserves, and no matter how many children bleed as part of John Podesta’s sick Satanic rituals, the fact remains that she will lose these two states come Tuesday.

And thanks to defeats in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and possibly even Virginia and Wisconsin, lose the election itself.

Then come the handcuffs, the shackles, Big Tyneesha the Lesbian, treason trials, and the harshest punishment still available under the American Justice System.


From Daily Caller:

Republican nominee Donald Trump is tied with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Michigan, according to a Strategic National Poll.

The Michigan statewide poll revealed Trump is now dead even with Clinton, in a state that has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988.

Trump and Clinton both received 44 percent support from respondents in a poll conducted Nov. 3, which was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 4 percent support, while Green party nominee Jill Stein received 3 percent. One percent of the respondents said that they were supporting someone else, and five percent said they were still undecided.

The survey, conducted by Strategic National, a Republican leaning consulting firm based in Michigan, contacted 573 likely voters in the State of Michigan on Nov. 3. The survey reported that 39 percent of the respondents were affiliated with the Democratic Party, 34 percent affiliated with the GOP, 21 percent affiliated with an independent or third party, and 5 percent said they were “unsure” of their party affiliation.

From Archive.is

Donald Trump has pulled level with Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, at 46 percent each, according to a new poll by Harper Polling.

The poll shows “signs of the race trending Trump in the waning days of the campaign, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in the Keystone state (46-46%, 2% Johnson, 1% Stein, 4% Undecided),” said a statement by Harper Polling, which earns a good score in Nate Silver’s ranking of polling firms.

Trump’s gain in Pennsylvania could be decisive, because he needs to win one of the traditionally Democratic states to reach the victory line at 270 Electoral Votes, assuming he wins all the other states where he has a polling lead.


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15 Responses to Ultimate Clinton Collapse: New Polls Show Tie In Michigan And Pennsylvania

  1. Zy Klon Zy Klon says:

    I was talking to a Trump supporter today and he said he was a political analyst covering decades of presidential elections and understood polls. Essentially, he said put the champagne on ice because Trump is going to win in a landslide. Clinton is losing democrats like rats leaving a sinking ship. Independents are going for Trump 7 to 1, and even California is crash and burn for Clinton. There will be nothing left of the Clinton Empire but a smoking hole.

    • Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

      Trump destroyed the hated Bush political dynasty and now he’ll do away with the Clinton mafia. Heaven itself has sent him to save America!

  2. Atomic Atomic says:

    Clinton has destroyed herself. Trump didn’t even have to do anything.

    In other news: The Dixie xchixs took the stage with nigger Beyoncé at the CMA awards and most fans boo’d them. Then a twitter civil war ensued. Niggers were claiming they invented bluegrass(lololol) and many white people on there asking why niggeronce was performing at the CMA’s in the first place. The tweets are hilarious if they haven’t all been deleted.
    white people are tired of jews pushing their pet niggers into everything we have

    • Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

      I knew the TVkikes would throw a couple of coons and boons into the CMA show, cause it’s too White and White is bad, even though the TVkikes want White audiences watching their programs.

    • Edward Case Edward Case says:

      Fuck cma! First they go all lgbt one year, now they go mudsharking. The Jew runs the show and slowly changing young country minds.

  3. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    When that swamp is drained it’s going to (in the immortal words of Maya Angelou) “stink like a shithouse full of coons”.

  4. Brutal Reality Brutal Reality says:

    Tied in PA my arse. The only Hillary signs you see here in eastern PA are “Hillary for PRISON” signs. Outside of Niggadelphia it is solid Trump country. Folks are even calling into local talk radio and commenting about it. One even brought it up on Limbaugh’s show today. Of 2 million in Philly, there are 15 million more of us in PA outside of it. Trump takes the Keystone State in a HUGE way…

    • Marcus Cicero Marcus Cicero says:

      I hope so. I don’t just want a squeaky victory. I want a crushing blow that will be remembered for generations.

    • christopher christopher says:

      There is NO tie. I too can testify that Southeastern PA is TOTALLY TRUMP. Not a single Clinton sign. New Jersey too, seen with my own eyes. The support for Mr Trump is totally overwhelming.

      • Edward Case Edward Case says:

        Lots of trump sign and many Clinton sign in CT. Some are putting out Republican sign but no trump, probably out of fear of getting vandalized. I think CT is a toss up right now.

  5. Brutal Reality Brutal Reality says:

    Pennsylvania Update: I’ve been driving the Wyoming, Lehigh, and Mahoning Valleys all week and not ONE Hillary sign, except four “Hillary for Prison” yard signs and 2 “Hillary for Prison” bumper stickers. Solid Trump signs everywhere including several large Trump banners. I’ve never seen it so one-sided for an election. Trump owns PA.

    • Atomic Atomic says:

      I’m seeing nothing but Trump signs when I travel to northern parts of Va. I saw one van with Hillary/Obama bumper stickers on it and the driver looked like a nut who owns 48 cats.
      My wife’s fam lives in Pa. and they said everyone they know are trump all the way.

  6. the fast draw says:


    If they steal the election, and give it to the Clinton Crime Cabal are you going put your hands up and surrender or defend yourself? Which way is it going to be.

    This is the single most important question for all of us to answer yes to!

    We must defeat these monsters who are out of control and destroying us.

    Its rigged. Its all rigged. If they steal the election from Trump it means they are stealing from US!

    That can not be allowed to happen.

    We must have the winning mindset and be ready to fight!

    (if you are not ready to take to arms, you can leave your guns to rust with your cowering little soul)

  7. the fast draw says:

    It doesnt matter whether we see thousands or millions of Trump signs.
    What matters is that the final result of votes is correct!

    The time to be the nice guy is over.

    Look how they are rigging the election:

    Democrat admits to voting twice & mailing in multiple ballots!

    Flashback to the 2012 Presidential election showing how some Democrats commit voter fraud. This woman admitted to voting twice and sending in multiple other absentee ballots for other people, with some of them voting again on Election Day. She claims to have registered ‘thousands of people” to vote. We can’t let this happen this year!!

    Its rigged!

    The only thing that stands between a Clinton tyranny and free America are the massive number of our guns.

    Now is the time to use them against the tyrants.

  8. the fast draw says:

    Voter Fraud Proof!