Washed Up And Untalented Snoop Dogg Kills Trump In New Music Video (Directed By A Jew)

Published On 03/13/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, Society

It’s just sad to watch celebrities from past decades – no matter the race – try to stay relevant and edgy by putting out absolute garbage in the modern day.

Snoop Dogg is one of these creatures, although I’m finding it difficult to remember what he even did to become famous in the first place.

Something about rapping and smoking weed, right?

I wouldn’t really know too much, as I’m not a wigger, never have been a wigger, and will never be a wigger.

The only thing I do know is that Snoop ought to be arrested, tried, and possibly executed for sedition for putting out this drivel.

From Fox News:

Snoop Dogg uses a toy gun to shoot a clown resembling President Donald Trump in a new music video.

In the video for the rapper’s song “BADBADNOTGOOD,” Snoop Dogg raps about police brutality in a world inhabited by clowns.

“This is the final call,” he says before pointing a gun at the clown dressed as Trump who is smoking a cigarette. Snoop pulls the trigger and a flag that says “bang” shoots out from the toy gun.

Later in the video, the Trump clown is wrapped in metal chains.

You can watch the video (I feel like I just gave up 4 minutes of my life by doing so for research purposes), but really all you need to know is who produced this piece of cultural rot.

A man by the name of Jesse Wellens.

A Jew.

A Jew with a Star of David and the words “Never Again” tattooed to his chest.

But it’s just a total coincidence that a Jew would team up with a Black to produce destructive “music” for the masses.

Just a total coincidence that has never before been the case.

I’m sure if you study the relationship between Jews and Blacks in the music industry you’ll find nothing similar.

Just try Googling the subject for a few minutes.


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