Wax Faced Loon Nancy Pelosi Reacts To Trump’s Epic Speech

Published On 03/01/2017 | By infostormer | News, Video

Hard to believe this woman is still alive. She looks like a walking corpse! Look at that face! lol

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Notable Replies

  1. Nancy "Night Of The Living Dead" Pelosi is proof that Botox causes irreversible brain damage.

    While Trump is at it, maybe he can direct the DHS/FBI to investigate the daily violent black on white crimes

  2. Meanwhile, another Democrat showed what "good hearts" liberals have toward honored wives of dead navy SEALS last night. (Former Clinton staffer too benevolently left in place by Trump, but immediately fired):

  3. Nancy Lugosi...Ha-ha, Lenin's corpse looks more life-like than she does!

  4. She should audition for a bit part on Walking Dead, something that does not require any dialogue.

  5. I fantasize about Nancy Pelosi. No I really do. I fantasize that I have a big gun, and I am walking past a dark alley where Nancy Pelosi is being anally raped to death by a 270 pound negro buck, and I do nothing but keep walking, savoring her fading screams of agony as her backside is being ripped open.


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