White House Locked Down After Bomb Threat

Published On 03/19/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

This is getting out of control. After some random nut jumped the White House fence and roamed around for roughly 15 minutes we now have this. The White House had to be locked down after a bomb threat.

The constant agitations from rap monkeys, Jews and washed up celebrities have had their desired impact. This was all designed to make some crazy person out there think that it would be justified to kill the President.

The Secret Service should be arresting all of the people who threatened the President. It doesn’t matter how famous these people are. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy on this stuff.

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Notable Replies

  1. BBF says:

    This is above name-calling; these are threats to our President. The more time wasted on these scumbags, the less time devoted to making AMERICA great again.

    It is not abuse of power to call for the arrests of Calvin Broadus or his stupid-ass nephew. This is getting back to the business of restoring AMERICA to greatness; while simultaneously putting the scumbags on notice - We The People want you GONE.

  2. Round up all the Commies and send them to FEMA camps!!!

  3. Just sayin' that's judge judy as in jew dee and she can be deported along with the rest of them.

  4. The jew media is building the narrative that the secret service protection is weak, so that when the jews kill Trump in the next 30 days, people will be willing to believe it was an amateur getting lucky, rather than think rightly that it could only be pulled off by elements within the government itself (jew elements within the government of course, just like the 9/11 murders).

    If the Rothschilds order the murder of Trump as they plan, just like they did with Kennedy, McKinley, Garfield, and Lincoln, this time they will be signing their own death warrants, their own and that of so many of their fellow rat tribe.

    You have been warned, kikes!

  5. URJ says:

    If they kill Trump there will be a civil war. If they jew Trump out of office, there will be civil war. If they don't let Trump be the president after his legal election, there will be civil war.

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