Wrinkled Bimbo Maggie Hassan Cites Hacked Power Grid Hoax During Senate Confirmation Hearings

Published On 01/11/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

One of New Hampshire’s most hated residents, who is also one of their Senators and former Governor by some weird quirk, took the time on Tuesday to grill the nominee for DHS Secretary, General John Kelley, about the very serious and very concerning news story describing the hacking of the Vermont power grid by notorious Russian bullies.

During the diatribe, Maggie Hassan utilized every bit of her limited brain-power to invoke the fear felt by many in her region when The Washington Post reported on the event roughly two weeks ago.

Problem is, there never was a Russian hacking incident on the Vermont power grid, and the Post long ago admitted their involvement in publishing fake news meant to slander a sovereign nation.

From Daily Caller:

New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan appeared to be unaware during a Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday that a Washington Post story about Russian hacking into the Vermont power grid has been completely debunked and retracted.

“Two weeks ago The Washington Post reported that a hacking group connected with the Russian government managed to infiltrate the Burlington Electric power company in Vermont,” Hassan said to retired Marine Gen. John Kelley during his confirmation hearing to head the Department of Homeland Security.

Hassan, who took office this month after serving as governor of New Hampshire, showed no indication during the questioning that she was aware that The Post’s story has been found to be “fake news.”

She continued her statement based on the premise that the Russian government had targeted and infiltrated Vermont’s power grid.

In its article, entitled “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, officials say,” The Post reported that Russian hackers had found their way into Burlington Electric’s computer systems and its power system controls.

But the power company issued a statement saying that it had not been compromised. The truth of the matter was much less serious. The company flagged suspicious activity on its computer systems after running a search based on a list of IP addresses provided by the federal government.

When Burlington Electric ran the check, it found that a computer that was not hooked up to power supply controls had accessed one of the flagged IP addresses. And while the IP address was sometimes used during cyber attacks, that was not always the case. Burlington Electric shared the information with federal authorities out of an abundance of caution. One of the federal authorities then appeared to leak the information to The Post without the proper context.

The newspaper published a follow-up article several days later noting that its initial report was nearly completely inaccurate and that Russian agents neither infiltrated the Vermont system nor attempted to do so.

Perhaps General Kelley should make it a priority to investigate Ms. Hassan for unequaled stupidity once he is officially approved, because otherwise expect this trollop to leak classified information whenever she visits the hair salon.

*Note that Hassan is actually an Irish surname in this specific instance. Her husband is not an Arab or other sort of Kebab as far as I can tell.

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